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‘Get the shot’: Fox denies it told hosts to change COVID vaccine tune

Matthew Knott
Matthew Knott

The Murdoch-controlled channel has come under increasing criticism for promoting resistance to the vaccines among its viewers.

Calling out China a fraught but necessary step

Danielle Cave
Danielle Cave

As Australia’s security environment shifts, it needs to get serious about cyberspace.

Jumping through hoops: the Tokyo Games’ first challenge is getting there

Eryk Bagshaw
Eryk Bagshaw

Mounting COVID-19 anxiety compounded by bureaucratic delays and tech malfunctions has turned travel to the Olympics into an endurance event.


North America

Osteopathic physician Joseph Mercola.

Little known osteopath in the spotlight as an anti-vaxx superspreader

The internet-savvy entrepreneur who employs dozens has published more than 600 articles on Facebook that cast doubt on COVID-19 vaccines since the pandemic began.

  • by Sheera Frenkel
34-year-old Stephen Harmon who tweeted about refusing to get the vaccine died earlier this week from COVID. Harmon was a graduate of Hillson College and attended Hillsong Church in Los Angeles.

Vaccine sceptic who joked he ‘got 99 problems but a vax ain’t one’ dies from COVID-19

After revealing the death of his church member, Hillsong founder Brian Houston said COVID-19 vaccines are a “personal decision for each individual”.

  • by Brian Niemietz




A billboard featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi is partially submerged in flood waters at Kolhapur in western Maharashtra state, India.

Monsoon ‘fury’ batters India, leaving more than 100 dead

The scenes in India echoed disasters around the world caused by deadly floods in recent weeks in China and in Germany and Belgium.

  • by Sammy Westfall
An inspired choice: Naomi Osaka.

Tokyo Games and Naomi Osaka lay bare Japan’s cultural reckoning

The choice of the mixed-race national icon for the lighting of the cauldron threw the spotlight on the intersection of three of Japan’s great unspokens – racism, sexism and discrimination.

  • by Eryk Bagshaw

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Samoa’s Prime Minister-elect Fiame Naomi Mata’afa.

Samoa’s first female prime minister seeks to install cabinet on Tuesday

Fiame Naomi Mataafa revealed the plan a day after the country’s Court of Appeal affirmed her government was legal.

  • by Colin Packham

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