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Anti-lockdown protests in Sydney’s CBD turned chaotic on Saturday.

Freedom to ... infect each other and punch animals?

Those protesters in our city streets have never faced a national crisis before and, thus, have no idea about social responsibility.


In the Herald

In the Herald: July 26, 1978

Ethnic council gets $44,000, signals from the Milky Way, and Paddington move on hall

  • by Lyn Maccallum
Anti Vax and Anti lockdown Protest March in the streets on Melbourne CBD today. Picture by Wayne Taylor 24th July 2021. The Age

Simple measures needed as lockdown exhaustion hits

Nearly 18 months into this pandemic, Australia still finds itself in a similar position to where we were at the start.

  • by Osman Faruqi
The decline of the Reef, documented by Australian scientists, is undeniable.

No more excuses on danger to Great Barrier Reef

Thanks to intense lobbying, Australia convinced the World Heritage Committee to defer the Reef’s “in danger” listing. But this pyrrhic victory may well have painted Australia into a corner.

  • by Terry Hughes
For most people, their experience of COVID-19 is of drudgery rather than drama.

Our COVID testing strategy needs updating

The fast-moving Delta variant has exposed the failures in our current system, and why we need to immediately deploy daily rapid antigen testing nationally in all high-risk settings.

  • by Dean Whiting
Column 8 Granny dinkus with mask.
Column 8

Misdialling a premature ending

AI with a sense of humour? The end is nigh.

The Blues look dejected after their loss against North Melbourne on Saturday.
AFL 2021

Four Points: Carlton’s real problem; Bont the best; Cats selection dilemmas

Carlton may decide they need a new coach at the end of the season but if they think David Teague is their biggest problem, they are kidding themselves.

  • by Peter Ryan
Ariarne Titmus ... The not yet recognisable but new face of Australian swimming.
From the futon
Tokyo Olympics

Ariarne Titmus is the golden girl Australian swimming needs

Our swimmers produced their usual mixed bag on day two in Tokyo: gold, silver, bronze and duck egg.

  • by Andrew Webster
Alastair Clarkson is contracted to coach Hawthorn in 2022.
AFL 2021

Not a Rudd nor a Turnbull: discarded Clarkson takes the high road

Alastair Clarkson has been extremely disappointed by Hawthorn’s decision. Gutted. But he says he’s coaching Hawthorn in 2022 and we should believe him. He has given his word to players and staff.

  • by Jake Niall

From lockdown, our horizons keep vanishing. But look, is that an apology! No, sorry, false alarm

Home schooling is a cosmic joke enacted on locked-down working parents – overwhelmingly women. We’re all doing our bit. A heartfelt apology might have been too much to expect.

  • by Jacqueline Maley
Prime Minister Scott Morrison is the man who can save the nation and his party from disaster.

NSW begs you Scott Morrison, please use your authority to redirect Pfizer to Sydney

In a bushfire you rapidly shift resources to extinguish the hotspots. Yet we are not doing that in south-western Sydney.

  • by Catherine Cusack
Alan Jones has made a bad situation worse.

If Sky can put Jones’ dangerous stuff to air, what can’t you put on Australian TV?

The broadcasting watchdog doesn’t have the teeth to bite down on Alan Jones’ anti-vaxxer nonsense.

  • by Peter FitzSimons
“I am learning that climate grief is to be welcomed. It honours what you love, shows you care, and can be used as a bounce point to go forward with courage, motivation and hope.”

The melting ice caps have broken my heart

When I asked for my first prescription for antidepressants, my doctor was surprised. Especially when I revealed what had brought me to this point. It was love … for snow.

  • by Jonica Newby
How far Tevita Pangai jnr goes in rugby league is up to him, says Sonny Bill Williams.
NRL 2021

‘I want to be there for him’: SBW takes Pangai jnr under his wing

Sonny Bill Williams was Tevita Pangai jnr’s idol as a kid. Now the retired superstar is set to mentor the Bulldogs-bound enforcer.

  • by Danny Weidler
Annabel Crabb hosts Ms Represented on ABC.

Feminism’s gatekeepers deaf to its conservative trailblazers

Any feminists worth their salt should want to celebrate the pathfinders, regardless of their politics.

  • by Parnell Palme McGuinness
Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrives at a press conference about the Covid-19 pandemic at Kirribilli House in sydney.

Morrison’s political calculus: bare his throat now, go to the polls in May

Scott Morrison’s standing with the Australian public has taken a major hit over the past few weeks for his government’s handling of the vaccine rollout.

  • by James Massola

Being unvaccinated impinges on others’ right to be safe

I see red when I read about people’s “rights” not to vaccinate.

American actor Caleb Landry Jones plays a disturbed young man who becomes a mass murderer in Justin Kurzel’s Nitram.

‘Evil ignored is evil repeated’: Why I will see the Port Arthur movie

Nitram is sparking an uncomfortable and confronting conversation about Australia, guns and our culture - but it’s a discussion we need to have.

  • by Andrew Hornery

6 things I’ve learnt since becoming a newbie sharemarket investor

The thing that has surprised me most about direct share ownership is the sheer volume of paperwork involved. Like, actual paper, delivered via good old fashioned mail!

  • by Jessica Irvine
Online shopping can be fun but it is better to use you time to shop around for cheaper financial products.

Websites to save you a small fortune in lockdown

How to turn lockdown into a financial check-up that will likely yield bonus bucks.

  • by Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon

How to calculate total return on an investment property

There are various methods to calculate how much you have made on a property investment. It’s complex but here are a few examples.

  • by George Cochrane
Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys listen as Dr Kerry Chant delivers yesterday’s COVID numbers.

Code red: NSW plunged into COVID national emergency

Gladys Berejiklian is running out of strategies to contain the outbreak of the Delta strain, which means no end in sight to Sydney’s lockdown.

  • by Deborah Snow
Prime Minister Scott Morrison is losing skin as the vaccine rollout fails to deliver.

Scott Morrison’s reckoning has arrived

But he still has 10 months to reverse the damage done to his fortunes by the bungled vaccine rollout.

  • by Peter Hartcher
Illustration: Simon Letch

What’s changed 17 years after I wrote a book about the media, women and politics

Now we know the way to shift an entrenched culture of misogyny it is to expose it.

  • by Julia Baird
Q&A host Hamish Macdonald is leaving the show. 

What’s wrong with the ABC’s once-mighty Q+A, and how to fix it

The departure of host Hamish Macdonald after 18 months has prompted questions about Q+A’s future - and an opportunity to get it right.

  • by Karl Quinn
 The steelworks and coal loading facility at Port Kembla. Australia learned this week its coal and gas exports will be hit by Japan’s plans to almost halve its use of the fossil fuels by 2030.

The world gallops to Glasgow while Australia trundles the other way

Countries are acting with increasing urgency on climate change. Australia is not among them.

  • by Nick O'Malley
Collingwood president Mark Korda (left) and challenger Jeff Browne.
AFL 2021

Jeff Browne's faltering campaign for Pies presidency

It’s time for Jeff Browne to stand up and be counted, or call the challenge off.

  • by Caroline Wilson
Spectators wait for the riders to pass during the 14th stage of this year’s Tour de France between Carcassonne and Quillan in the south of France.

In quest of the beyond, where an old sled still lives

In this time of lockdowns and disappointment, the hopes of a beyond might best be pursued modestly, at that intersection where memories and imagination reside.

  • by Tony Wright
Premier Gladys Berejiklian needs to be freed up to take a more strategic role in the management of the Sydney outbreaks.

Political cynicism has undermined our trust

The problem with politicians delivering the message about, “stay at home and get vaccinated and do the right thing” is that they have lost the authority of credibility.

One owner, motivated to sell: Land shortage and maintenance costs have pushed up prices in Sydney's cemeteries.

Think of your life’s legacy before others write about it

Obituaries can be inspiring in ways that perhaps we rarely feel about CVs.

  • by Jim Bright
The announcement of Brisbane’s successful bid to host the 2032 Games was overshadowed by IOC boss John Coates’ atrocious dressing-down of Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk over her plans not to attend the opening ceremony.

Coates’ cutting behaviour is exactly according to his cloth

So Coates and Palaszczuk worked out the details of her public belittling off-stage you say? That makes no sense.

  • by Peter FitzSimons
Olympic flames

As the world holds its breath, the Games begin

These are the Quarantine Games. There are no crowds inside the venues and nowhere else for the people of Tokyo to join in. The declaration of a state of emergency killed the live sites that would have created a rolling street party across this sprawling megacity.

  • by Chip Le Grand
After Gladys Berejiklian blindsided  Canberra and Daniel Andrews launched metaphorical grenades, Scott Morrison did his best to put out spot fires.

Federation fractures once more over coronavirus outbreak

After Gladys Berejiklian blindsided Canberra and Daniel Andrews launched metaphorical grenades, the PM did his best to put out spot fires on a “messy” day in politics.

  • by Rob Harris
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Sydney should not have to do this on its own

NSW has a right to expect more help from other states after housing the majority of Australia’s returned travellers.

  • The Herald's View
Strop and Hoges on The Paul Hogan Show.

Farewell Strop, the hapless sidekick to Paul Hogan’s unworldly larrikin

Together, Paul Hogan and John Cornell’s humour harked back to, not so much a more innocent time, but one where there was still an inherent decency.

  • by Duncan Fine
Bill Waterhouse had no qualms with being known as “The Serpent”.

Devil of a time: Colourful characters had names to match in bygone era

When Kingston Town made his mark in the 1980s, racecourse characters still abounded and were given a moniker for many reasons.

  • by Max Presnell
Crown chairman Helen Coonan, let without a suitor

Corporate wallflower: Crown feels the heat for playing hard to get

Star Entertainment is likely to return to the table in it’s pursuit of Crown Resorts, but it’s a safe bet that its next offer won’t be as generous as the initial one.

  • by Elizabeth Knight
The Eels and Raiders are neighbours in their Gold Coast accommodation.
NRL 2021

Sharing and caring: Inside life in the NRL’s Queensland bubble

The new bubble life is at odds with the secrecy of the old. But club bosses report a rising spirit of co-operation as opposition teams share resources and ideas.

  • by Roy Masters
Please Explain podcast.

Parents feeling forgotten as lockdowns drag on

Today on Please Explain, education editor Jordan Baker joins Tory Maguire to discuss the struggle parents face between work and their child’s remote learning.

  • by Tory Maguire
Osaka describes her life as a series of obligations to others

Naomi Osaka’s impossible duty to the people of Japan

Even the tennis superstar’s nationality is attracting controversy. You would think carrying Japanese hopes at the Olympic Games is the last thing she needs.

  • by Malcolm Knox
CSL’s AstraZeneca .... there’s no shortage of supply in Australia, only of confidence in a very good vaccine.

Unqualified and dishonest: the ‘experts’ who undermined confidence in AstraZeneca will cost Australians’ lives

A section of the medical and scientific commentariat has peddled extreme risk aversion to Australia’s detriment. The most egregious examples have amounted to anti-AstraZenecism. It’s not academic freedom. It’s academic dishonesty - and it will cost lives.

  • by Dr Nick Coatsworth
Sammy Davis Jr delivering some sage advice to a 19-year-old Kate Halfpenny.
Real life

A window opened to the stars, but life’s heroes were just around the corner

A scrapbook of stories brings a flood of memories – of strange celebrity encounters, and of the everyday champs.

  • by Kate Halfpenny
Joe Biden

If Biden can reel in the big fish, so can we

The US President has acted swiftly to deal with the increasing evidence that reduced competition is contributing to a productivity slowdown. Australia should follow his lead.

  • by Ross Gittins
Which sport will join the once-unlikely skateboarding on the Olympic rotation come Brisbane 2032?

An Olympic field of possibilities as Brisbane organisers eye certain gold

Aussie rules? Rugby league? Surfing? Perhaps Brisbane 2032 will feature a new sport that doesn’t even exist yet. The only criterion is we have to be dead certs to win.

  • by Malcolm Knox
With Skype, Microsoft illustrates how having a head start doesn’t matter if you can’t maintain the lead.

Why didn’t Microsoft die?

Microsoft thrived despite doing almost everything wrong. So is Big Tech successful because they’re the best at what they do, or because monopolies are extremely hard to kill?

  • by Shira Ovide

The anti-vaxxer movement is much bigger than Facebook

Late last week President Joe Biden achieved something I’d thought impossible: He got me to feel bad for Mark Zuckerberg.

  • by Farhad Manjoo
Prime Minister Scott Morrison at The Lodge on Wednesday.

PM has dealt with the ‘sorry’ question. It might be harder to put the ATAGI questions to rest

If the perception of ATAGI’s independence is going to be undermined, the usefulness of the body – whatever it says – becomes questionable.

  • by Michelle Grattan
America’s rapid vaccine rollout and huge fiscal stimulus have already produced data not seen for decades, including very strong CPI data in April.

In a risky world, the road to safety leads to the US dollar

Investors are betting that the US dollar’s blistering rally has further to run.

  • by Nour Al Ali and Kriti Gupta
Nathan Katz’s journey to Tokyo shows why the Olympics are still important.

From Jimmy Brings in quarantine to an Olympic dream come true

If you think the Olympics are past their use-by date, consider the incredible journey of this Australian athlete.

  • by Andrew Webster
This cohort of HSC students has endured cumulative lockdowns and related stresses.

Locked down, demoralised, demotivated: why this HSC cohort has done it especially tough - and what we can do to help

Some students may despair, but parents, teachers and medical practitioners must not. They can help teenagers confronting the mounting stresses of multiple lockdowns.

  • by Rachael Murrihy