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Julie Barrett with her children Bentley, 10, and daughter Bianca, 25, at their Claymore home. They are one of several families without stable access to internet or phone services since a communications tower burnt down in April.

The Sydney suburb that’s been without proper internet since April

Claymore has been without reliable internet access since a telecommunications tower burnt down three months ago, straining the community’s effort to work from home, learn remotely and maintain social connections online during the city’s lockdown.

  • by Natassia Chrysanthos


Year 12 student Stephanie Liow is campaigning for holistic sex education in Victorian schools.

Teens take lead in anti-harassment fight

A group of young activists is fighting for better sex education in schools, saying they’ve been failed and want to make things better for younger students.

  • by Anna Prytz
Alan Parsons with former Newcastle Grammar students

‘Find a way to enjoy it’: How good HSC students become great

Alan Parsons studied a group of high-achieving HSC students to find out the character traits, strategies and attitudes they had in common.

  • by Jordan Baker
Francesca Pinzone and James Barron with their children, Luca, 9, Noah, 7, and Allegra, 5, homeschooling
in Sydney.

Schools should reopen as an ‘essential industry’ ASAP: health experts

Primary schools could reopen safely even before community transmission of COVID-19 returns to zero, health experts say, as students across Sydney head into their third week of remote learning with no end in sight.

  • by Caitlin Fitzsimmons
Victorian year 12 students could again receive special consideration for the disruption caused by COVID-19.

‘Our aim is to give students clarity’: HSC written exams to be delayed by a week

The 2021 HSC exams will be delayed by a week, and the deadline for major projects will be extended by two weeks. But some fear that won’t be enough.

  • by Jordan Baker
Please Explain podcast.

Parents feeling forgotten as lockdowns drag on

Today on Please Explain, education editor Jordan Baker joins Tory Maguire to discuss the struggle parents face between work and their child’s remote learning.

  • by Tory Maguire
This cohort of HSC students has endured cumulative lockdowns and related stresses.

Locked down, demoralised, demotivated: why this HSC cohort has done it especially tough - and what we can do to help

Some students may despair, but parents, teachers and medical practitioners must not. They can help teenagers confronting the mounting stresses of multiple lockdowns.

  • by Rachael Murrihy
Star Wars compactor gif

‘No consideration from either side’: The parents wedged between work and school

Working parents of primary school children say they feel like they’re inside the famous Star Wars garbage compactor scene as the demands of remote learning close in on one side and the unrelenting demands of work close in on the other.

  • by Jordan Baker
The Catholic school sector wants the HSC written exams delayed

Catholic school sector pushes for HSC exams to be delayed

Catholic Schools NSW says a wait-and-see approach was putting too much stress on students and the extra time would allow schools to organise COVID-safe measures.

  • by Jordan Baker
Stubbornly high COVID-19 case numbers are worrying HSC students

Oral exams and dance performance postponed as delays hit HSC

HSC authorities have given schools a list of alternatives to HSC trials if the COVID-19 outbreak means the assessments have to be cancelled.

  • by Jordan Baker
HSC bands and North Sydney Girls

‘Part of the strategy’: Why HSC students should attempt harder courses

Analysis of band 5 and 6 HSC data shows that more students are able to achieve marks above 80 by doing difficult courses, not less-challenging ones.

  • by Jordan Baker and Kathryn Wicks
Georges River College hospitality students Tristan Rothwell, left, and Jackson Hall Best, who hopes to own his own cafe.

HSC VET exams require study techniques that work for you

Here are the top tips for succeeding in Hospitality, and take the Construction quiz.

 Matthew Langsam with his design project Oxyreel, a wearable supplemented oxygen device, entered in the 2020 HSC.

Tips for mastering Design and Technology and Food Technology

Take the Design and Technology quiz.


How to get the best result in PDHPE

Practice (and feedback) makes perfect.

studying history

How to succeed in history, business and legal studies

Top tips on how to plan your answers - and take the economics quiz.


Maximising your mark in science means attacking the hard questions

Top tips for Biology and Chemistry, and take the Physics quiz.

Jack Coleman, who topped 2 unit advanced in the 2020 HSC.

Learn from your mistakes to succeed in HSC maths

Whether you’re attempting Extension, Advanced or Standard Mathematics, there are clever ways to learn from past mistakes.

Eszter Coombs topped the state in extension 2 English, Spanish continuers and Spanish extension in the 2020 HSC.

How to succeed in all levels of HSC English

Tips from teachers and last year’s top Extension 2 student.

Staying healthy and resting well is vital in your HSC year.

How to take the stress out of the HSC

Stay healthy, stay active and keep connected during the HSC using these tips.

caption to come.

Essential information for tackling the 2021 HSC

Learn how moderation works, and understand the contingencies in place with the pandemic.

HSC trials are an important dress rehearsal for the main exams

HSC students are stressed, confused and worried about fairness

More than 10 per cent of year 12 students live in the most locked-down suburbs while the 27 per cent living outside Greater Sydney can prepare as normal, raising equity concerns

  • by Jordan Baker
Matt Golding
Captioned 'Tick, Cross and Cross Tick'

HSC study guide: quiz answers

Scroll to see the answers for the quiz questions in 2021.

Redlands has run the Winter school program for almost 30 years.

Redlands students escape lockdown for Snowy Mountains ski school

The students’ departure for Winter School - a term 3 residential boarding program outside Jindabyne that Redlands has run for almost 30 years - has the full support of NSW Health.

  • by Jordan Baker
Children of essential workers Clemton Park Public School students of essential workers returning to school on Tuesday morning.

NSW government cracks down on schools in the fight against COVID-19

The Department of Education strengthens its call for parents across Sydney to keep their children home from school.

  • by Jordan Baker
“We have a good window in the next two weeks to crush this thing,” said Glady Berejiklian, the NSW premier.

Sydney’s transport services cut, limited staff at schools to stop mobility

With the number of people infectious in the community continuing to hover in the high 20s the NSW government moved to further slow the spread.

  • by Alexandra Smith, Tom Rabe and Jordan Baker
Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference on Thursday at Kirribilli House.

Is honest and transparent leadership too much to ask for?

As a high school student, the inability of our national leaders to give us something more than vague political showmanship when we ask about plans for the future is particularly disorientating.

  • by Ahelee Rahman
Remote learning must be a short-term measure.

Schools must reopen as soon as possible

School closures harm children, who have done more than their share to protect the rest of the community. We need to return the favour.

  • The Herald's View
Justine Toh and Vaughan Olliffe are homeschooling their children, Caleb, 5, left, and Rhys, 7, in their small Sydney apartment.

Jealousy, tantrums and havoc: Tales from the remote learning frontline

A year after the first round of remote learning, parents are frustrated that each school is having to reinvent the remote learning wheel, a second time.

  • by Jordan Baker
The new syllabus would allow teachers to find what they need much faster.

Teachers can enter red zone for work, but those who live within cannot leave

Teachers in locked-down south-western Sydney will not be able to attend work in person outside the red zone under the harsher lockdown restrictions announced on Saturday.

  • by Caitlin Fitzsimmons
Teacher Simone Peachey from Victoria Ave Public School reads with kindergarten students

‘Just so important’: Huge deployment of new books to help kindy kids read

Books will be sent to kindy classes as part of a new phonics-driven literacy strategy, which NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell says has ended the reading wars

  • by Jordan Baker
A Youtube video explained how the faked Tom Cruise video that went viral on TikTok as made.

From deepfake Tom Cruise to sham QR codes: Can people be trained to spot the hoaxes?

Trillions of photos are created every year. Many are faked, or used out of context. A new visual literacy centre at Sydney University will explore whether we can train ourselves to spot fakes.

  • by Julie Power
QuantumIT’s InPlace platform is used by more than 130 universities in 11 countries.

Number of older Australians with HELP debt doubles in five years

The size of the HELP debt carried by Australians aged over 60 stands at more than $1.3 billion, up from $576 million in 2014.

  • by Lisa Visentin and Jennifer Duke
composite - AFR. Professor Ian Jacobs, Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW and chair of the Group of Eight. Ian is pictured talking to students Ray Wondal (in white t shirt), a 4th year Psychology and marketing student, and Claire Qui (in tan coat) a 3rd year psychology student.  For Rob Bolton Story. Thursday 9th August 2018. Photo: Ryan Stuart 

Sydney’s newest uni boss flags new era of co-operation with old rival

Sydney University, founded in 1850 on sandstone and classics, is on one side of the city while the University of NSW, the 70-year-old upstart that grew out of a tech college, is on the other. Now a decades-old rivalry could be put aside.

  • by Jordan Baker
Ascham to proceed with HSC trials on Monday

Ascham trials to go ahead on Monday as COVID-19 hits HSC exam season

Some schools will begin their HSC trials as early as next week despite concerns of COVID-19 transmission.

  • by Jordan Baker
<i>Mario Kart</i> is even bigger and better on the Switch.

How ‘gamified’ classrooms, social media could help engage students

Schools have been urged to learn from social media and the gaming industry to make their classrooms more exciting, and incorporate elements such as rewards and level progressions to engage children in their learning.

  • by Natassia Chrysanthos
Scots College students wearing plain clothes boarded buses on the schools’ grounds in Bellevue Hill.

Private school students escape lockdown for campus in regional NSW

Buses left for Scots College’s southern highlands Glengarry residential campus with approval from NSW Health on Wednesday.

  • by Nick Bonyhady and Natassia Chrysanthos
Children across Sydney are having to learn from home again.

We impose significant burden on children when we close schools

As a parent, paediatrician and infectious disease physician, I have been struck by the way in which the learning and wellbeing of children has been consistently deprioritised in the debate about remote learning.

  • by Philip Britton
The Scots College wants to increase the student cap at its Victoria Road campus by 300 students.

Multimillionaire neighbour takes Scots College to court over boost to student cap

The private boys’ school is facing a legal showdown with businessman Ian Joye over plans to boost the number of students approved for its campus.

  • by Megan Gorrey
A pilot program to bring international students back into NSW has been paused.

NSW pauses plan to fly in international students until lockdown ends

Premier Gladys Berejiklian confirmed a pilot program to bring in 250 international students a fortnight is on hold.

  • by Lisa Visentin and Lucy Cormack
Clemton Park Public School students of essential workers returning to school on Tuesday morning.

‘Berejiklian needs to help us’: Stay-at-home plea to students yields mixed results

Dozens of students turned up to some schools in Sydney’s virus-hit south-west on Tuesday while others saw barely a handful.

  • by Jordan Baker and Natassia Chrysanthos
Teachers weren’t a priority for vaccines.

The profession that’s not on the priority list for anything

Our tiniest citizens are in the charge of those who are completely disrespected.

  • by Jenna Price
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Principal Sonia Tannous is expecting approximately 40 students to attend school tomorrow whose parents are essential workers.

‘We will get through it’: Sydney schools confident on the eve of term three

The state’s schools are once again stocked with hand sanitiser but staff feel more equipped to deliver remote learning than they did last year.

  • by Natassia Chrysanthos and Laura Chung
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian addressing the media on Monday.

Almost 10,000 teachers in COVID-19 hotspots to access priority jab

Teachers, school staff and aged care workers in the Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown and Liverpool local government areas will have access to priority vaccinations this week.

  • by Lucy Cormack and Natassia Chrysanthos
Karin Rezkalla at home with brother Daniel at home in Wagga Wagga.

When normal school is not enough: Aussie kids sign up to new online high

Australia is the second-biggest market in the world for a new online high school that offers global qualifications and accelerated learning.

  • by Jordan Baker
NSW students will begin remote classes this week

Parents warned remote learning may last longer than a week

Families are bracing for a return to remote lessons as the Premier warns online learning may last longer than the four days she initially predicted.

  • by Jordan Baker
Schools need improved ventilation to be safe.

Parents need to know facts before sending children to school

When frazzled parents contemplate juggling work while caring for their children, the scales often tip in favour of sending their children to school. But it is not safe to do so.

  • by Karen Armstrong
First Nations cultural educator Aunty Phyllis Marsh.

Call to put First Nations educators in every primary school

A group of First Nations organisations hope their push for a national program will tackle racism, foster true reconciliation and bridge the knowledge gap on Indigenous history.

  • by Anna Prytz
Year 12 students

‘I’m trying to remain hopeful’: Deja vu for HSC students about to start their final term

Students are frustrated that history could now repeat itself, but hoping it will all work out.

  • by Natassia Chrysanthos
Parents want teachers vaccinated amid frustration over online learning

Parents demand vaccination for teachers as schools face months of disruption

Parents want teachers to have easier access to vaccinations as students face months of disruption, with the Catholic school sector offering its schools as vaccination hubs.

  • by Jordan Baker
HSC trials delayed for students at more than 500 NSW schools

HSC trial exams delayed by two weeks for more than 500 schools

The Catholic Secondary Schools Association, which provides HSC trial exams to more than 500 NSW schools, has delayed this year’s trial exams by two weeks

  • by Jordan Baker